Friday, January 3, 2014

Halloween 2013

I swear the holidays get more fun every year, the older our kids get. Kayson was so excited for Halloween and loved reading our Halloween books all October. He was so excited to carve pumpkins, but he ended up just wanting to paint his. 

           And we couldn't leave out handsome little Liam!

 Kayson was so excited to be Jake the Pirate, from 'Jake and the Never Land Pirates! Honestly, as soon as we put his costume on, he thought he was THE actual Jake and went into this whole different mode! :) It was the cutest thing.  He was parading around the house singing and was ready to fight Captain Hook and count gold debloons! And coloring his hair was the real kicker, that made the whole thing! He loved it! He wasn't Jake unless his hair was black. :)
Liam was a lobster, and the cutest one I have ever seen!  We were able to borrow the costume from a good friend, and I think he looked absolutely adorable.   
 While we were out trick or treating, Liam just hung out with my parents. 
And like most lobsters..... he didn't like being put in the pot! :)
 This year we decided to venture in to Ftn. Green for all of the festivites they had going on there! We went to the huge carnival they had at the elementary and Kayson loved playing on all the blow-up slides. Then we enjoyed dinner at the school, followed by "trunk-or-treating" at the park.  Kayson was enthralled with all the people dressed up and would just stare at some of the scarier costumes! After that Coby, my sister Alyson and I took Kayson and Christian around trick or treating (the real way)! They loved going door to door and were so cute! They were real pro's by the end of the night!  They had so much fun going together and I'm glad we went in so Kayson had a buddy to go with!
Halloween 2013
Hope you all had as great of a holiday as we did! 

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